December 16, 2010

Teaching English

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I’ve been teaching for a very long time.   In my career I have taught just about every age level.  Most people ask, when they hear this, which age I prefer teaching.  I can honestly say that I cannot really answer that question.  I have enjoyed every level, but I have different reasons for saying that.

I taught preschool during college and after I graduated from college.  Later, when I had children, I went back to teaching preschool again.  I enjoyed singing songs, getting hugs, and the appreciation from the parents.  It was fun, but it was the same thing year after year.  I think every teacher knows that they have to change grades, or they have to do something different from time to time to keep themselves enthused about education.

The first time I left preschool teaching was to move into teaching in the public schools.  After substituting for a while, I was fortunate enough to become a fifth and sixth grade science teacher.  This was a surprising to me!  My background was in math, but they didn’t need a math teacher.  I became the science teacher and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Hands on lessons and experiments were something that I enjoyed doing, and I hope that my students did, too.  Then, it was time to stay home with my own kids.

Because of things going on in my life, I had to get a job when my youngest child was still in preschool.  So, where did I go?  You guessed it, back to preschool.  Once again, it was nice to be with preschool children.  However, I also learned that I cannot get along with everyone.  Something that I always thought I could do.  Also during this time, I became interested in teaching ESL students.  I went back to school, and once I finished my endorsement, I moved on to tutoring middle school ESL students.

That was not a job that I thought it would be.  I was not use to ‘not’ being the teacher.  I never really felt that I belonged or was accepted as a teacher in the school  When the opportunity came up for me to become a graduate assistant and finish my masters degree, I jumped on it.  This is where doors that I never knew would be there opened up for me.

After completing my graduate degree, and teaching adult ESL students, I was given the opportunity to teach ESL students at the college level.  I found my calling!  I really enjoy working with college students.  This is something that I never thought of doing.  Currently, I teach English, linguistics and ESL at two different places.  One is a community college and one is a university.  From these two places, I have learned a lot about myself, teaching and the English language.

Now, time to see where this new line of work takes me.  I enjoy teaching college students, and I know my background makes me deliver lessons and lectures in a different way than other professors who have not taught all of the levels that I have.  I bring into my class the things that I have learned while teaching preschool, elementary, middle school, subbing in high school, adult education, community college and university classes.  I’ll just have to see where this course takes me!


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