March 8, 2013

A Helping Hand

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Everyone has a story that makes me stronger. I know that the work I do is important and I enjoy it, but it is nice to hear the feedback of what we do to inspire others.

—Richard Simmons

Despite everything that’s going on in higher education at the moment, from financial distress to potentially seismic changes in delivery methods, increased regulation and apparently pointless mandates, we are still creating opportunities and supporting dreams.

—David Evans

These two quotes came from two different sources, but I stumbled upon both of them while clicking from one email to the next.  The first is from the Slice of Life challenge, and the second is from an article “What Do You Love?” by David Evans in the Chronicle for Higher Education.  In my mind, these two quotes are related because they are both about putting other people first.  The first quote is a good reminder that we have to remember that people come to our classrooms from a wide variety of backgrounds, and as teachers, we can learn from our students.  Yes, we create lessons and teach them specific skills, but the best teachers get to know their students and listen to what they have to say and what they know, too.  It can be eye opening to do this.  There are days when I leave my classroom where I know that I learned just as much that day as my students did.  This leads to the second quote.  It is our privilege to be teachers so that we can help students move towards achieving their goals.  Teachers are a tough bunch.  Teaching is not an easy profession for many reasons, but teachers teach because they love teaching.  We want our students to excel because we really do love our jobs.


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