March 5, 2014

I Missed Them!

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I moved to Detroit over 15 years ago, and that was when I was introduced to the yummy fat-filled high calorie delectable paczki on Fat Tuesday.  This yummy Polish treat is so good and worth the calories, well, at least for one day of the year.  These fried treats are like a big stuffed do-nut filled with creme or fruit filling.

This year, life got in the way.  The day for paczkis has come, and almost gone.  Somehow and for some reason, there was no time today to enjoy these tasty treats.  In fact, I barely noticed the signs in the windows of the bakeries and do-nut shops offering these tasty treats.  Maybe my life has gotten to be too busy and crazy.  No maybe about it – my life is busy.

As I sit here on the couch tonight and think back through my day, I realize that I need to rethink a few things.  I am busy – busier than ever.  However, I need to take some time for me – and I will.  Missing out on paczki day this year is excusable, but I need to make sure I am not missing out on other more important things in my life, too.





  1. Fortunately,my librarian brought some into school, or I would have missed it, too. Here in south central Pennsylvanie, we call them fastnaughts.

    Comment by Buckeyegrl — March 5, 2014 @ 2:05 am | Reply

  2. Oh, so sad for you! Another 364 days until Paczki Day returns? Can you get a day old tomorrow? I hope so…

    Comment by gillis — March 5, 2014 @ 2:07 am | Reply

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