March 6, 2014

6:28 on a Wednesday Evening

I sit and listen to the sounds of laughter coming from several different classrooms.  One class must be working on the sounds used for past tense endings in English, and I hear [d], [t] and [ed] from the classroom and laughter.  I’m glad that the student teacher has decided to discuss this.  Too many advanced students still will say, “Lov – ed,” or, “Watch-ed.”  Further down the hallway, another class is having a rather lively discussion.  I hear one student speak and then another whose tone leads me to believe that they do not agree.  Ah, yes.  I remember this handout the student teacher is using tonight.  There is a list of items and the students must chose which item does not belong to the list.  What makes this work is the fact that it depends on the characteristic the student chooses to use to separate items from the whole.  There is more than one answer!  From the amount of conversation I hear, the handout is a hit.  They are talking and defending their answers in English!  A third class is also fairly noisy.  I hear the shuffle of students moving chairs around in the classroom. Then it is silent for a few minutes, and then a few minutes of of talking, followed by a students moving around, and then silence again.  If I remember correctly, the students are reading and summarizing orally what they have read.  Different lessons for different levels of students but all focused on improving English skills.  I’m so proud of my student teachers!

No, the classes are not silent.  That’s fine with me.  I can hear the learning going on, and I love it!  The adult students who attend our evening program to improve their English skills have found a happy, safe supporting environment in which to laugh and to learn – not necessarily in that order!


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