March 18, 2014


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As I was driving home from work tonight, I began thinking about my life.  Lots of small changes are happening right now, but I guess that is what usually happens in life.  It seems like day after day the same old thing happens, but looking back, that really isn’t true.  At some point, activities I thought would last forever have just faded away and are just part of my memories now.  How did that happen?  When did certain activities stop?  Why did they end?

As I was driving, I thought about my typical evening activities with my kids.  I would get home from work, and my husband and I would chat about our day and prepare dinner for everyone.  We would all sit down, eat and chat about our day.  The kids had jobs to do and someone would clean up the table, another would do the dishes, the third would dry the dishes and the fourth would put the dishes away.  Everyone knew whose day it was to do what.  After that, it would be a quiet evening spent at home in the winter, or a bike ride on the trail to the ice cream store in the summer.  Then, we would get ready for bed with bed time stories, hugs and kisses.  A few bathroom calls and drinks of water later, the kids would be asleep and my husband and I would enjoy an hour or so of peace and quiet.  Ahhh….

Now, evenings are much different.  We eat out way too often and usually minus one, two, three, or four other family members.  No one remembers whose job is whose, and it really doesn’t matter when there aren’t any dishes to clean up.  Winter has lasted way too long this year, so many evenings are spent at home with everyone using their own electronic device.  When it is time to bed, off the kids head with a quick good night.  It is quiet; they get their own water if needed.  That is, if they are even home.  Some are off at college and no longer sleep at home.

Change, I know it happens.  What hasn’t changed is my love, my worrying, and my caring.  I know my family knows how much I do! 


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  1. My husband is trying to cope with the fact that he no longer can claim any dependents on the taxes. Change is hard!

    Comment by mgminer — March 18, 2014 @ 3:19 am | Reply

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