January 7, 2015

Writing, Oh How I’ve Missed It!

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What a day!  I needed a break, and I realized just what I needed to do.  I stopped reading email and went to my own Word Press blog.  I had been sitting at my desk, staring at my computer, and responding to emails for almost two hours.  It was time to change gears and create something else in writing.  Playing with words, changing sentences around, organizing my thoughts was what I wanted to do.  Even rereading what I wrote and deleting words, sentences and anything that just didn’t work felt like just the thing I needed to do. For some, this may not be a relaxing respite from writing emails, but tonight, for me, it was.

As I remain at my desk and write, my daughter sits on the couch in my office.  (It amazes me how many times someone in my family ends up sitting on that couch as I work at my desk.  It is nice to have company.  They are usually doing their own thing as I work, but it is nice to have company.)  She is suppose to be working on her homework which I know she will get to eventually, but first, she has to find just the right music to get her in the mood to get started (or maybe she is like her mom and is just procrastinating).  She asks me if it is OK, and even though I would prefer the quiet, I consent.  She smiles.  She plays a few songs and after a few words, she clicks to the next song.  Finally, she finds the right song.  Then, she picks up her phone to make sure there is nothing urgent happening that she missed in the few minutes it took her to locate just the right music.  When everything is just the way she wants it, she picks up her homework and begins.

For me, I cherish these quiet evenings.  Yes, we are both doing our own thing, but that’s OK.  We are still together and interacting when we want to.  We are both getting things done that we need to do.  I’m here if she has a question about something.  I will help if I can, but I will also admit when I can’t.  After all, it is her homework, and it has been a long time since I took chemistry!  There are some questions that are a lot easier for me to answer than others, but even if I know the answer, I will not just spout it off.  The teacher in me comes out, and I try to help her find the answer.  She needs to learn that she can figure things out by herself.  I will admit it makes it a lot easier to guide her help her go in the right direction if I know which way the right direction is from the start!

Whew!  That felt great!  I have a feeling I have figured out what I have been missing in my life.  For the past few months, I have felt like I have been missing something and just wasn’t happy.  I thought that my problem was that I have been using the computer too much, and I needed a break from it.  Now, I think that it wasn’t so much that I needed a break from the computer, but I needed to use the computer in a different way so that when I looked at it I could imagine using it in a way that was enjoyable again.


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