March 2, 2015

It is March!

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Today is the last day of my Midwinter Break.  Tomorrow, I will be back at school, teaching, tutoring, planning and organizing.  I would love to say that I am looking forward to it, and for the most part I am.  However, there is a part of me who would rather stay at home and continue to create.

I spent a lot of this break creating things which actually means that I finished things that I had started a while ago.  The first thing I finished was a sweater that I had started in December.  I also finally sewed four pillows this week for the couch in my office.  I had purchased the material back in October, but I never seemed to be in the mood to actually do the sewing part of it.  I did that today.  It was nice to complete some things.

Now my creative juices are flowing towards the craft of writing.  I love the month long challenge of writing in my blog each and every day.  I haven’t made it a priority until now.  The Slice of Life Challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers is just the little shove I need to get back into something that I do enjoy doing.  I love typing out words.  I love the fact that I can reread what I have written and change my words around a little bit, add words, or delete words in order to make my thoughts come across clearly.  Yes, just like when I crochet or knit, I end up deleting or frogging entire sentences or even paragraphs as I write.

Creating things is such an important part of my life.  I look forward to creating memorable posts and revisiting my blog for the month of March.  One day down and thirty to go!



  1. Wow, you sure were busy over break! Sounds like you finished some lovely projects! Now, you can put all that creative energy into writing! Yes!

    Here we go…. 30 more to go.

    Comment by Dana Murphy — March 2, 2015 @ 1:14 am | Reply

  2. Super job getting all those projects finished, it gives such a sense of accomplishment. Now you’ll be looking for new projects.

    Comment by Pat — March 2, 2015 @ 3:28 am | Reply

  3. I love the way you elevate the “craftiness” of writing. There is something so satisfying in creation, seeing the tangles of your mind come out in neat rows. Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by Morgan — March 2, 2015 @ 4:32 am | Reply

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