March 30, 2015

A Matter of Seconds

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Last night, I received one of those phone calls that no parent wants to get.  My son called and said, “I hit a car, and it flipped two times.”  I could hear the panic in his voice.  My husband went to the accident scene to help and to be with our son.  He was driving with two friends, and thankfully, no one in the car that our son was driving was hurt.  The women in the other car was taken to the hospital although she was coherent at the scene.

Through eye-witness accounts of the accident, the women driving the other car ran a red light.  My son had the green light and was just going through the intersection at a normal rate of speed.  It is a six lane highway with a bridge and other cars in the other two lanes on the side of the road where she was driving were stopped; however, because her lane was clear, she did not stop or hesitate and sailed through the intersection to be hit by our car.  Our car hit her car in the driver’s door.  If it had been a second later, the outcome could have been her car hitting our car in the passenger’s door.  If that had happened, I don’t think that the people in our car would have walked away from the accident with no injuries.  The outcome could have been so very different.

A few seconds was all it would have taken for the outcome of this accident to be radically different.  We are so thankful that the cars did what they were suppose to do.  Air bags were deployed and the front of the car crumpled and absorbed the impact of the crash as designed.  We are so thankful that the result of the accident was just two crumpled cars.  Cars can be replaced.  It has made all of the members of our family realize that life can change in just a few seconds, and that it is important to appreciate all of the second we have in this life.


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