March 3, 2014

Wow! Not a Habit, Yet!

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As I was making dinner tonight, I stopped suddenly when I realized that I hadn’t posted anything yet to the Slice of Life Challenge.  I checked the clock and saw that since it was only 6:15 p.m., so I still had more than enough time to finish making dinner, eat and post a small bit about my day.  It was a jolt to realize that I almost missed posting on only day two of the challenge.  This wasn’t the first time I had good intentions that were somehow derailed.

How many times had I planned to do something that I just didn’t do for one reason or another?  Probably, too many times to count!  I realized that if I really wanted to complete this challenge, I needed to figure out a way to remind myself to do it (and before 6:15 p.m.).  I have decided to do what I have seen my students do – add a reminder on my smartphone.  That’s what I did.  Now, at noon each day, I will get a reminder that states, “Blog! SOLC!”  If I post before that, then that’s fine.  If I forget to post, then it is a gentle reminder not to forget.  I even thought about adding two separate reminders, but I thought that if I did that, it was a little too much.  Although, I will keep it in mind if I find I need to do so.

Now, dinner is done and the dishes are cleared.  My husband, daughter and I are all on our own tech devices while the news about Ukraine and the Oscars drones in the background.  What two totally different topics!  One is about power and people while the other is about popularity.  Sadly, I have a feeling more people will be talking at work tomorrow about who wins Oscars for Best Movie than will be able to identify where Ukraine is located.  Yes, I will settle in and watch who wins the awards, laugh at Ellen’s jokes,and enjoy the show, but I also know where Ukraine is.  Do you? 


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